Holy Land Terracotta Bowl


An Ancient Holy Land pink burnished terracotta bowl of a large size. The vessel features a flared foot and an ovoid shape. The well levigated surface has been left undecorated, with the exception of simple braided motives running underneath the rim.


Date: 3100 - 2900 BC
Period: Early Bronze Age/Late Chalcolithic Period
Condition: Fine, signs of aging to the surface and minor chips to the rim.


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The Holy Land was the first region to enter the Bronze Age, which began with the rise of the Mesopotamian civilisation of Sumer in the mid-fourth millennium BC. The shape of the bowl is irregular due to it being hand-worked – at this time the pottery wheel had not yet become ubiquitous and was not widely used. The Early Bronze Age/Late Chalcolithic Period is characterised by red burnished and grey burnished wares, which were rarely painted.

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions W 28.5 x H 16 cm

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