Large and Rare Roman Bronze Tray


An Ancient Roman large and unusual bronze tray or platter. The object appears simple in its design: the front is completely flat, with a slightly raised border around the perimeter. The reverse is similarly flat, but a raised interior ridge forms the low foot upon which the tray stands.

Date: Circa 1st - 4th century AD
Condition: Complete and intact, the metallwork appears in good and stable condition, with a light beautiful green patination throughout.


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Evidence for the use of bronze in ancient art dates back to Ancient Egypt in around 3000 BC. During the Roman Empire, however, bronze was the material most commonly used for everyday objects, partly on account of its sturdiness. Items like this tray would have been created by pouring melted bronze into clay moulds, and its use would have been no different from that of trays today.

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions W 32.8 cm



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