Indus Valley Bichrome Terracotta Offering Stand


A finely modelled Indus Valley bichrome terracotta offering stand, composed of a long and narrow cylindrical neck rising from a flared base. The stand’s neck supports a wide dish decorated with two geometric lines painted in black pigment.

Date: Circa 1st millennium-8th century BC
Condition: Very fine, comlete and intact, minor chip to the rim. Original pigment still visible to the vessel's surface.

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The Indus Valley Civilisation extended from what today is north east Afghanistan to Pakistan and north west India. The Indus Valley culture has been known for its rich production of bichrome and polychrome potteries, with various geometric and zoomorphic painted repertoires decorating the surfaces. Terracotta stands, such as this fine example, might have been used as ritual objects during religious ceremonies.

Weight 4600 g
Dimensions W 32.1 x H 32.3 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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