Near Eastern Pottery Bowl with Pool Scene

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A large Near Eastern pottery bowl featuring the interior modelled as a pool scene. The bowl is hemispherical in shape with a carinated rim. There is engraved circumferential bands along the exterior. Two miniature lamps with pinched nozzle sit along the rim. The interior is modelled with highly unique features, there is two facing ladders leading from the rim to the bottom of the vessel where there is a rectangular recess pool.  In the pool are two bird -like figures, one of which is very worn due to age. There is two anthropomorphic females placed against the sidewall opposite each other. Earthly encrustation covers the surface.

Date: 2nd-1st millennium BC
Provenance: From an important Cambridgeshire estate, hence by descent. This piece is acquired from the collection of Sir Daniel Donohue, auctioned by Bonhams 13 April 2011, in London, lot 353. Accompanied with the original Bonhams lot tag.
Condition: Fair condition. Chips to the rim and earthy encrustations to the surface. The surface is worn consistent with age.

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The Near East refers to a vast region covering the eastern shores of the Mediterranean comprising Mesopotamia, Elam, Urartu, Egypt, the Levant, and Anatolia. It is often considered to be the cradle of civilisation – Sumer in Mesopotamia is regarded as the oldest civilisation on earth. Pottery were among the most pervasive objects produced in any ancient civilisation. This item’s unique design suggests that the purpose may not be utilitarian but used as a votive piece. Its function is possibly similar to pottery offering tables and soul houses in ancient Egypt. These pottery models of houses and food offerings were placed in tombs to guarantee the provision for the deceased in the afterlife.

Weight 1358.1 g
Dimensions L 22 x H 9.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: Bonhams, London, Auction 13 April 2011, lot 353.

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