Old Elamite Vessel with Water-Bird and Sun-Disk Decoration


A finely sculpted Old Elamite cylindrical grey-ware ceramic vessel decorated with incised patterns. It features a tube-shaped body rising from a flat base and narrows into a short, slightly sloping neck that flares into a wide opening with everted rims. On its body, horizontal ornamented friezes embrace the walls, including two narrow registers of incised dots on the top, with water birds and sun disks below. Images of water birds, probably a duck, and fields of neatly-arranged sun-disks alternate with each other. Slightly below the lip, four triangular-shaped and perforated lugs, spaced in the well-arranged distance, protrude from the neck.

Date: Circa 1800 BC
Provenance: From the collection of a deceased gentleman pre 1988, by descent to the extended family in Geneva to London.
Condition: Fine condition. Substantial chip to the rim and general erosion around the rim. Signs of repair remain visible around the rim and the lug handles.

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Grey-ware ceramics, featuring a cylindrical body decorated with incised zoomorphic images and perforated, lugged handles, were widely yielded from ancient Elam. They are believed to have been  executed in Susa (an important archaeological site of the ancient Elamite culture), from which a wide variety of archaeological material was excavated in support of enlightening the comprehension of the Elamite civilisation. During the broad chronological time span, within which the Elamite Kingdom flourished, the term of the Old Elamite period has been coined to particularly refer to a period from circa 2600 to 1500 BC, where, Mesopotamian stylistic exchanges and cultural influences took place.

Weight 364.8 g
Dimensions W 8.5 x H 15 cm

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