A Marlik Clay Jug


A finely modelled clay jug, belonging to the Marlik culture and dating to the 2nd-1st millennium BC. The vessel features a globular body standing on a flat base, a cylindrical neck and a wide mouth. A single applied handle extends from the vessel’s shoulder to the body. Two ridged, decorative lines, run across the neck and the shoulder.

Date: Circa late 2nd - 1st millennium BC
Condition: Excellent condition, complete and intact. Remains of original white slip.


Marlik was one of the most significant archaeological sites of the ancient middle east, on the southern shore of the Caspian sea, to which a wide range of elaborate, elite burial objects, made of varied media have been attributed. Among those burial offerings, terracotta jugs, with slender, spindle-shaped spouts, were the most represented finds. Terracotta jugs, such as this fine example, might have been used as pouring vessels in everyday life and during religious celebrations.

Weight 266.4 g
Dimensions W 9.6 x H 15.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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