Amlash Terracotta Vessel

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An elegant Amlash vessel finely modelled in bright orange terracotta. The vessel displays an elongated, oval body raising from a flat base, and a relatively long, cylindrical neck, leading to a wide opening with an everted rim.

Date: Circa 2nd-1st millennium BC
Condition: Excellent condition, some pigmentation to the surface.

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The term ‘Amlash Culture’, has generally been used to designate material cultures excavated at Gilan, an archaeological site on the south shore of the Caspian sea, and refers to a group of Iron Age pottery and metal executions with a strong visual character. Most of the Amlash pottery vessels are believed to have stylistically and typologically been inspired by bronze wares. Differing from its Luristan counterparts, Amalsh Iron Age pottery tradition favoured bird iconographies as a conventional artistic repertoire. Terracotta vessels of this type were clearly designed as pouring vessels, but they might have been also used during religious occasions.

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Dimensions W 7.8 x H 16.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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