Anatolian Yortan Pottery Jug

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A finely modelled Anatolian pottery jug, featuring a well-shaped globular body standing on a flat base, embellished with three conical protrusions. A prominent, diagonal tubular spout with a flared rim, rises from the body, while a single applied handle extends from the rim to the vessel’s body. The piece can be referred to the Yortan culture.

Date: Circa late 4th - early 3rd millennium BC
Condition: Fine condition, some surface chips.

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Anatolian Yortan culture is known almost exclusively through archaeological excavations at numerous important burial sites dating to the Bronze Age. A wide range of well-shaped pottery jugs, featuring a globular body decorated with conical protrusions, have been attributed to the Yortan culture. Anatolian spouted jugs were prevalent during the Bronze Age, and are generally believed to have been produced from circa 3000 to 2000 BC. Terracotta jugs, such as this fine example, might have been used as burial offerings within the Yortan culture.

Weight 861.4 g
Dimensions W 20.9 x H 17.4 cm

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