Corinthian Aryballos with Scales


A Corinthian aryballos with a large, rounded body, tapering as the base. It features a narrow, cylindrical neck and a large, flat mouth. A strap handle runs from the mouth to the shoulders.  Unusually, this miniature vessel is not decorated with stylised, Oriental animals but the body is covered with a scales motif, bordered by three narrow lines. The shoulders and foot feature a petal pattern and the large mouth is decorated with alternating rays of black paint, red and natural clay.

Date: Circa late 7th Century-6th Century BC
Provenance: Gottfried and Helga Hertel collection, Cologne, acquired prior to 1995.
Condition: Very fine. Small chip to the rim.


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Corinthian pottery is distinct in its style, in much the same way Black-figure and red-figure wares are. Corinthian pottery was the largest group of exported wares from the 7th and 6th centuries, following the Geometric style. It continued to be made up until the 5th century, although Attic pottery had grown steadily in popularity by this point. By the 4th century Corinthian pottery had almost entirely ceased in production.

Weight 72.9 g
Dimensions W 4.9 x H 9.6 cm

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