Chinese Neolithic Qijia Culture Vessel


A Chinese Neolithic earthenware vessel, featuring a large, globular body and a flaring mouth. The decorative pattern on this piece, with vertical, combed lines, is typical of the Qijia Culture.

Date: Circa 2200-1600 BC
Period: Qijia Culture
Condition: Fine, signs of aging to the surface.


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The Qijia Culture was a Neolithic culture that grew along the Yellow River from the 3rd millennium until the 2nd millennium BC, one of the earliest cultures in ancient China. The first ceramics produced in China, around ten or eleven thousand years ago, were wares designed primarily for use over display. This early need for basic pottery remained relevant, especially in a culture such as the Qijia, which was transitioning from a mobile to sedentary existence.

Weight 691.5 g
Dimensions W 9.9 x H 16.4 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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