Fine Roman Pottery Flagon


A fine example of a Roman Holy Land creamware pottery flagon. The vessel has a plain wide rim and a broad ribbed strap handle extending from the neck to the shoulders. The upper half of the body is covered with fine shallow ribbing, executed spirally, and the flagon sits on a short foot with a flat base.

Date: Circa 4th - 5th Century AD
Condition: Extremely fine condition.


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The Holy Land is the area considered sacred to Christians, Jews, and Muslims. It lies between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. It had long been part of the Roman Empire by the time this flagon was made. At the time this jug was made, the Roman Empire as a whole was on the bring of collapse, and would soon divide into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire.

Weight 750 g
Dimensions H 22.7 cm