Holy Land Juglet with Provenance

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A Holy Land terracotta juglet of a cream colour, featuring an oval mouth, short neck, cylindrical body, and pointed base. One single handle extends from the rim to the shoulder.

Date: Circa 900 - 600 BC
Period: Iron Age
Provenance: The vessel comes from the collection of Sir Edwin Leather and it was gifted to him by General Moshe Dayan, the famous Israeli General and archaeologist. The writing on the jar is that of General Moshe himself.
Condition: Fine with signs of aging on the surface. Repaired to the handle.


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This juglet was gifted to Sir Edwin Leather by General Moshe Dayan, when he was governor of Ber­muda. General Moshe was an Israeli general and politician, becoming one of the most emblematic figures for the State of Israel.

Weight 201.2 g
Dimensions W 6.5 x H 18.6 cm

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