Important ‘Chocolate On White’ Ware Jug


A Holy Land terracotta vessel with a bulbous body, narrow neck, and single handle. The broad mouth has a flaring lip, and the handle is interesting for its pointed appearance. The foot of the vessel has been made from an additional piece of terracotta: although originally circular in form, damage to this foot means that the jug tilts slightly. Traces of the original pigmentation are visible around the base of the neck and around the fullest part of the body, forming concentric rings around the vessel. There are marks to the face of the vessel due to the usage and age of the item. It is likely that this vessel was used for the storage of liquids, such as water or beer.

Date: Circa 1300 - 1000 BC
Condition: In good condition, some minor chips, damage to the foot.

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This particular finish is called “chocolate on white”, and was popular in the Jordan valley and to the east. It is characterised by the white slip and dark-brown or black decorations on it. “Chocolate on white” ware compasses a variety of vessel types, but they are always of the highest quality of workmanship. The creamy-white slip was applied as the vessel turned on the wheel, and the thick chocolate-brown or reddish-brown paint decoration was added afterwards. This style flourished simultaneously with the Bichrome Ware at the end of the Middle Bronze Age II and during Late Bronze Age I.

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