Large Yuan Green Glazed Lidded Jar


A large green-glazed earthenware jar with separate conical lid. The outer surfaces are covered with heavy green glaze extending almost to the base, decorated with applied decoration in the form of animals, masks and sea-shells; the lid continuing the theme, with onion shaped knob.


Date: Circa 1272 - 1367 AD
Period: Yuan Period, China
Condition: Very fine condition; complete and intact; some areas of the surface glaze a little rubbed, others with light iridescence; a few light encrustations.


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The Yuan dynasty followed the Song dynasty and preceded the Ming dynasty. It was established by a Mongol named Kublai Khan, though he listed his grandfather, Genghis Khan, as the official founder of the Yuan dynasty on the imperial records. During this period there were some notable changes in Chinese ceramic production – there was, for example, the development in Jingdezhen ware of underglaze and painted blue-and-white pottery. There was a trend towards larger and more elaborate ceramics – a move away from the refined simplicity we see in the Song dynasty.



Weight 6500 g
Dimensions H 42 cm

Pottery and Porcelain




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