Attic Black Glazed Lekythos


An Attic miniature terracotta squat lekythos featuring a bulbous body which tapers in to a cylindrical neck with a flared funnel-shaped mouth and a flat rim. A singular handle has been applied from the neck to the shoulder. The vessel sits upon a ring foot and has been finished with a black glaze. Beautiful iridescence can now be seen across the surface.

Date: 6th-5th century B.C.
Condition: Fine condition, minor chips to the surface.

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Lekythoi were used in Ancient Greece to preserve and pour perfumed oil and ointments: its particular shape limited the release of the content and was suitable to prevent waste. Lekythoi were mainly used at baths and gymnasiums and for funerary offerings, as they were sometimes used for anointing dead bodies. Whilst they could hold a range of perfumed oils and ointments, they were usually used to hold olive oil. They are characterised by their narrow bodies with thin necks, a single handle, and a flat rim without a pouring lip.

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Weight 67.5 g
Dimensions L 6.5 x W 6.5 x H 7.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For a similar item,The British Museum, item 1814,0704.608