Greek South Italian Net Lekythos

£ 450.00

An unusual Greek ceramic lekythos, made in the South Italian region of Gnathia, Apulia. It is decorated with a geometric ‘net’ pattern. The lekythos has a long and narrow neck that flares into a large and flattened rim. The neck leads to a large, ovoid body which sits on a small, round base. A single handle joins the neck to the body.

Date: Early 4th Century BC
Condition: Fine condition. Complete and intact, a few bumps and scratches; light encrustations.


The vases attributed to the “Gnathia style” are so termed after the site of Gnathia (present-day Egnazia), which is located on the Adriatic coast of Apulia. The decorative technique used for these vases consisted of the application of colours on a coat of black varnish, as demonstrated by the netting design on this lekythos. Scholars believe that its production most likely was centred around Taras, with primary workshops in Egnathia and Canosa. The quantity and quality of Greek colonial Apulian potters increased significantly following the Peloponnesian War, when Attic exports were drastically reduced. Apulian artistry displays the influences of Ionian (Athenian, Attic) conventions, as well as of Doric (western colonial Greek) styles, whilst maintaining a native Italian aesthetic.

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Weight 276.00 g
Dimensions H 10.3 cm


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