Luristan Vessel with Bird Head Terminal

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A large Luristan glossy orange terracotta vessel with a broad bulbous body that narrows through the neck and into a flared rim. It featrues a short spur that is embellished with a bird’s head. A strap handle, formed in the shape of a stylised animal, connects the neck and the gobular body. Applied pellelts can be seen on the body as well as on the handle, reminiscent of repoussé rivets on paralleled metal wares.



Date: Circa 9th-8th century BC
Period: Iron Age I-II
Provenance: From an old Tokyo collection; formerly the property of a Japanese gentleman since the late 1980s.
Condition: Very good condition, complete and intact


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In the Iron Age II-III Iran (circa 9th-8th century BC), pottery vessels with bird head terminal and handle formed in the shape of a stylised animal, were creative imitations of their paralleled metal wares. On this jar, the modelled rivets, might also have been inspired by the repoussé ornaments that appear on metal counterparts of the Iron Age. Terracotta vessels of this type, were clearly designed as a pouring vessels, but they might have been used in a particular funerary ritual occasion.

Weight 800 g
Dimensions W 19.5 x H 27 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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