Hellenistic Grey-Ware Oinochoe

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A tall oinochoe in coarse grey-ware with a trefoil shaped lip. A single handle extends from the edge of the rim to the waist of the vessel. A series of shallow parallel grooves around the neck add a further groove around the rim provide the only decoration and the vessel stands on a flat base. A relatively inexpensive example of the type.

Date: Circa 3rd - 2nd Century BC
Condition: Very fine condition; the handle has been restored; otherwise complete and intact.


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An oinochoe is a wine jug and a key form of ancient Greek pottery. The vessel would probably have been used in the symposium (the male drinking party). The trefoil lip allows for the careful pouring of the contents, and adds to the aesthetic value of the jug.

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Weight 845 g
Dimensions H 23 cm

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