Italic Daunian Olpe

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A good-sized Daunian olpe in biscuit coloured ceramic. The decoration, now a little faded, comprises typical bands of varying width across the body; a circle of palmettes around the broad shoulders; and a row of dots around the rim.

Date: Circa 5th-4th century BC
Condition: Complete and intact; just one insignificant chip towards base; decoration quite faded but extant.


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The Daunians were an Iapygian tribe located in northern Apulia, corresponding broadly with the province of Foggia today. They spoke the Messapian language and had a distinctive archaeological culture, first coming into contact with the Greeks when the latter embarked upon a large mission of expansion and colonisation around the western Mediterranean Sea (8th – 5th century BC). The Daunians were famed for their beautiful geometric pottery, which was decorated in both polychrome and bichrome palettes. In later periods, their decorative technique expanded to include crudely-rendered figures and animals.


Weight 689 g
Dimensions H 23.4 cm

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