Unusual Greek Blackware Flask

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An unusual Greek blackware flask. The vessel has a round plain rim and long tubular neck, expanding to form a bulbous body, before tapering to a short stemmed foot. There is no handle and the only decorations are a couple of short faint lines of rouletted design around neck base of the main body.

Date: Circa 4th - 3rd Century BC
Condition: Fair condition; a few cracks consolidated around body; rim a little ragged; otherwise complete.


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This flask was made in the southern area of Italy by the Greek colonies there. Throughout the Classical and Hellenistic periods, there were a number of Greek settlements in Italy – so many, in fact, that the Romans came to call these Greek-settled areas as ‘Magna Graecia’ – Great Greece. These colonies were instrumental in introducing Greek culture to the Romans. As far as their pottery was concerned, it is most often defined by means of the glossy black finish we can see on this flask.

Weight 206 g
Dimensions H 15.5 cm


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