A Campanian Black-Ware Kernos


Campanian black-glazed kernos with four small offering pots, interspersed with four protomes in the form of a female profile. The base is undecorated.

Date: Late 4th century BC
Period: Hellenistic Period
Provenance: From the West German collection H.W., acquired in 2011 from the De Mynter, Belgium. Acquired from buyer, Portuguese private collection, R.M.
Condition: Fine condition

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The kernos can be recognised by its series of small cups in the lip, with examples dating back to the Bronze Age. It was used to store offerings made to the gods, specifically in cults pertaining to Demeter and Persephone. The receptacles probably contained foodstuffs, or perhaps flowers, and a lamp was sometimes placed in the centre.


Weight 624 g
Dimensions W 13.7 x H 16.5 cm

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