Middle to Late Bronze Age Cypriot Terracotta Juglet


A Middle to Late Bronze Age Cypriot red terracotta storage vessel featuring a spherical body and two small ledge handles, three pointed legs, and a removable lid. The vessel presents a wide mouth with slightly flared rim and a short neck which is covered by the lid when in place. The ledge handles are situated just above the halfway point of the vessel’s body, and formed in the pushed-up ledge-handle style with a single piercing in the centre of each. The lid rests on the body of the vessel and has a simple handle on its top which is pierced through, much like the handles. The base of the vessel is slightly rounded and has three pointed prongs arranged in a triangular formation, on which the vessel rests. Terracotta vessels of this type might have been used in everyday life as storage vessels or placed as grave goods together with the deceased.

Date: Circa 1650-1400 BC
Period: Middle-Late Bronze Age
Condition: Good condition, some earthly deposits to the surface.


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From the late Bronze Age onwards, Cypriot pottery production and art was deeply influenced by Mycenaean art. However Cypriot artisans maintained a native autonomy in the decorative motives and shapes of such vessels. Cypriot vessels of this period are characterised by a geometric and abstract decoration, rendered in black, brown and red pigments, on a white coloured background.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions W 10.6 x H 15.0 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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