Iron Age Cypriot Amphora


A fine Iron Age Cypriot light terracotta amphora featuring an oval body rising from a ring base and narrowing into a cylindrical neck. The vessels displays a wide opening with an everted rim and two strap handles, each bridging over the rim and the shoulder. Geometric lines, painted in black pigment, encircle the body and decorate the handles.

Date: Circa 8th-7th Century BC
Period: Middle Iron Age
Condition: Fine, with original pigment still visible.


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This fine example of Cypriot art can be dated between the Cypriot Geometric and Archaic Periods. From the late Bronze Age onwards, Cypriot pottery production and art was deeply influenced by Mycenaean art. However Cypriot artisans maintained a native autonomy in the decorative motives and shapes of such vessels. Cypriot vessels of this period are characterised by a geometric and abstract decoration, rendered in black, brown and red pigments, on a white coloured background.

Weight 650 g
Dimensions W 20.6 x H 28.8 cm



Pottery and Porcelain

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Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, item 74.51.727 .

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