Tell el-Yahudiyeh Brown Earthenware Single Handled Amphora


A beautiful and well preserved example of Tell el-Yahudiyeh brown earthenware amphora, featuring a cylindrical neck and a folded rim. The item features a globular body and one single bilobate applied handle extends from the vessel’s rim to its shoulder. Two bands of impressed dotted decoration, one above and one below where the handle meets the shoulder, further embellish the vessel.

Date: Circa 1650-1550 BC
Provenance: From an important collection owned by a gentleman, the collection housed in London and Geneva, bought before 1988 and upon his death distributed to his grandchildren living in the UK and Switzerland.
Condition: Extremely fine, some earthly encrustations to the surface.


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Tell el-Yahudiyeh Ware refers to a distinctive terracotta production of the late Middle Bronze Age-Second Intermediate Period, recovered for the first time in the Tell el-Yahudiyeh site, located in the eastern Nile Delta in Egypt. However, pottery of this type have been recovered also in Cyprus and in the Levantine region. It was first identified as a distinctive ware type by the famous archeologist Sir Flinders Petrie during his excavations on site. These wares are defined by their distinctive mode of decoration, applied after slipping and burnishing, and created by repeatedly “pricking” the surface of the vessels with a sharp object in order to create a large array of patterns, which appear in the form of lines, stripes, triangles, squares and, rarely, circles. AS-3213

Weight 151 g
Dimensions H 10.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum, item number 160041

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