Chinese Neolithic Vase

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An Ancient Chinese Neolithic earthenware vase dating to the Machang phase of the Majiayao culture. The vessel is of typical form, consisting of a large bulbous body, flaring neck and two applied strap-handles below the shoulders. The vessel’s body features a geometrical decoration painted in brown and dark brown pigment. A beautiful form of pottery at an early period in human history.

Date: 2300 - 2000 BC
Period: Neolithic Period
Condition: Very fine, intact, with minor chipping to the rim and accretions over the whole. The slip is worn away in parts.


The Majiayao Culture was one of the most important Neolithic cultures in Chinese prehistory, developing along the Yellow River from the 6th millennium BC. The Majiayao culture is especially well-known for its mass production of pottery. Majiayao artisans had no knowledge of the potter’s wheel; therefore their pottery production was entirely handmade. The pottery was formed by stacking coils of clay into the desired shape and smoothing the surfaces with paddles and scrapers. Majiyao pottery production appears to be less carefully painted trough time. This has been explained by the increasing use of pottery offerings in burials, forcing Chinese artisans to work much quicker on the vessels.

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions H 30 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For similar, see the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Item 2015.500.7.9

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