Chinese Terracotta Han Jar with Decorated Rim


A finely sculpted terracotta Chinese Han Dynasty jar, featuring a piriform body that rises from a flat, rounded base. The vessel has a long, cylindrical neck which flares into a wide opening with an everted rim. Ribbon-shaped modelling is applied to the rim and the shoulder with further incised ribbon-shaped motifs running across the neck and shoulder.


Date: Circa 206 BC- AD 9
Period: Han Dynasty
Provenance: From a West Country’s collection, formerly in a Hong Kong gallery, 1990s.
Condition: Fine condition

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The Han Dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China and its art is notable for aiming to give form to everyday people and objects. It was a period of significant economic growth, and this facilitated discovery and innovation: technical possibilities in the arts increased as a result, enabling artists to push boundaries. The art of the Han dynasty is largely decorative, a shift away from the functional, ritualistic art of the previous Qin dynasty shown by the ribbon motifs. As this jar is large, it was likely to have been placed in the tomb with the deceased as an offering.

Weight 3250 g
Dimensions W 24.2 x H 39.1 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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