Holy Land Storage Vessel with Ledge Handles


A Holy Land storage vessel with spherical body and two small ledge handles. The vessel presents a wide mouth with slightly flared rim, and a short neck decorated with a repeated pattern of incised dots, rectangular in shape. The ledge handles are situated just below halfway down the vessel, and are decorated with a gently crimped appearance to the edges, in the pushed-up ledge-handle style. The base of the vessel is flattened, and the axis at which the handles meet the body is the vessel’s widest point.

It is likely that this vessel would have been used for the storage of liquids, such as water or beer.

Date: Circa 2000 - 1500 BC
Condition: In good condition, some aged chips around the rim, and earthy encrustations.


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The Holy Land was the first region to enter the Bronze Age, which began with the rise of the Mesopotamian civilisation of Sumer in the mid-fourth millennium BC. The Bronze Age then went on to span an entire millennium. The presence of Canaanite vessels among the funerary offerings in the royal tombs of the First Dynasty of Egypt has revealed an important link between this period and the Early Bonze Age. These vessels have become a cornerstone in the chronology of the Near East in the Early Bronze period. Numerous other types of vessels are known from this area.

Weight 1128.4 g
Dimensions W 14.7 x H 17.7 cm


Pottery and Porcelain

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