Tang Chinese White Earthenware Wan-Nian Storage Jar


A finely moulded Tang, off-white earthenware, tall Wan-Nian jar featuring a typical piriform body that rises from a flat round base. The vessels shape reflects an iconic typological form, characterised by a piriform body which gradually tapering into a short, sloping neck that flares out into an opening with an everted rim.


Date: AD 619-906
Period: Tang Dynasty
Provenance: From a Hong Kong collection formed 1980-1990s; brought to London, UK, by K.C. in the 1990s.
Condition: Fine condition, with minor chips to the rim. Earthly encrustation to the surface.


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The Han Dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China (206 BC–220 AD), and its art is notable for aiming to give form to everyday people and objects. It was a period of significant economic growth, and this facilitated discovery and innovation: technical possibilities in the arts increased as a result, enabling artists to push boundaries. The art of the Han dynasty is largely decorative , a shift away from the functional, ritualistic art of the previous Qin dynasty. The large size of this dish might classify it as a grave good, placed in the tomb with the deceased as an offering.

Weight 2750 g
Dimensions W 21.6 x H 29.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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