Western Asiatic Hard Stone Storage Vessel


A Western Asiatic storage vessel, made from pale brown hard stone, featuring a carved globular body narrowing towards the open mouth with a flat rim. The vessel sits on a small level base, the natural streaks of the stone demonstrated by the red and white veins can be seen across the body.

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Date: Circa 1st millennium BC.
Provenance: From the collection of a deceased Japanese gentleman; 1970-2015.
Condition: Very fine, slight chip to the base, earthly encrustation to the surface.

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Although terracotta replaced stone as the primary vessel material in the early Bronze Age, stone vessels remained important for cross-Mediterranean trade due to their economic, political and symbolic values. Originally produced in Egypt and the Near East, stone vessels were exported across the Mediterranean by the Phoenicians, eventually losing prominence, yet still inspired by pottery forms. The production and movement of Bronze and Iron Age stone vessels in the Mediterranean and ancient Holy Land is emblematic of the period and region’s cultural syncretism. Stone vessels, although durable, were less popular with nomadic communities due to their weight.

Weight 3210 g
Dimensions H 17 cm

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