Babylonian Alabaster Cylinder Seal


A finely engraved Old Babylonian cylinder seal carved from translucent, veined alabaster displaying the attractive milky colour of the stone. The seal features a slender cylindrical body, ending in a ribbed knob, pierced for suspension. The flat base of the seal has been finely engraved with the depiction of a ram and a zoomorphic abstract creature, possibly a scorpion.


Date: Circa 2000-1600 BC
Period: Old Babylonian Period
Condition: Extremely fine, complete and intact.


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Mesopotamia has been regarded as the cradle of ancient glyphic arts, with the earliest cylinder seals proven to have been firstly executed during the Bronze Age, circa 4th Millennium BC. Each following period in Ancient Mesopotamian history contributed in developing styles and techniques of glyphic arts. Zoomorphic and mythical creatures are one of the most favoured  decorative repertoire applied on cylinder seals of the period. Both the ram and the scorpion played important roles in Mesopotamian culture, with the scorpion especially being a symbol of fertility.

Weight 8.9 g
Dimensions W 1.2 x H 3.2 cm



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