Early Dynastic Cylinder Seal

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A finely engraved hematite cylinder seal dating to the Early Dynastic period. Carved palm trees and anthropomorphic figures are depicted in an abstract form across the side of the seal. This cylindrical seal is horizontally perforated for suspension.


Date: Circa 2900-2650 BC
Period: The Early Dynastic Period
Condition: Fine condition. Some earthly encrustation to the surface.


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Glyphic art originates from the early Mesopotamian period. The earliest impressions were found in the fifth and fourth archaic layers of Warak site (an important Mesopotamian archaeological site dating to the early Bronze Age). Each of its succeeding periods revealed an unparalleled, astonishing achievement in Mesopotamian glyphic design. Different from the previous Uruk phase (circa 3500-3000BC), where engraved images mainly portrayed naturalistic animals and religious scenes. Geometric decorations were popular designs in the Early Dynastic Period. Geometric patterns on the early Dynastic seal also reflect a profound stylistic change. Compared to the Uruk period, geometric motifs of the Early Dynastic period appear in a more abstract scheme and are arranged in asymmetrical compositions.

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Dimensions W 1.4 x H 2.9 cm

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