Jemdet Nasr Agate Stamp Seal


A Jemdet Nasr stamp seal carved from agate featuring a domed almond-like shape. The flat stamp side displays several drilled holes creating a geometric pattern. The convex side is smooth and has been pierced horizontally for suspension.

Date: Circa 3300 - 2900 BC
Condition: Fine condition, some wear with age.

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The Jemdet Nasr Period took place in southern Mesopotamia with a great number of administrative cuneiform tablets and seals coming from there. The stamp seal was a carved object, usually made of stone, which first appeared in the fourth millennium BC and was used to impress pictures or descriptions into soft, prepared clay. These seals guaranteed the authenticity of marked ownership: as such, they were instrumental in legal transactions, and in the protection of goods against theft.

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Weight 45.14 g
Dimensions L 4.6 x W 3.7 cm

Semi-Precious Stones


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