Levantine Orange Limestone Seal Stamp

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A Levantine orange limestone ovoid shaped stamp seal. The seal features a carved geometric pattern including a rhomboid, a star that might have been directly derived from the traditional Mesopotamian symbol Dingir, a symbol of divinity, and the ‘tree of life’. This seal is horizontally pierced, suggesting it might have been worn as a personal ornament by the owner. The back is unadorned.

Date: Circa 8th -7th century BC.
Condition: Very fine.


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Despite traditional Mesopotamian glyphic arts having remote roots in the Land of the Two Rivers, strong influences of Mesopotamian seals had great aesthetic impacts on the peripheral regions, including Syria, Egypt, Palestine, and even Crete. Stamp seals and cylinder seals from these regions indicate obvious stylistic inheritances of Mesopotamian prototypes. During the Iron Age, Mesopotamian glyphic traditions had a great impact on Levantine seals. Fine examples, such as this stamp seal, reflect the flourishing cultural and aesthetic exchanges which happened between these two regions. Motifs that are distinctly known to the Assyrian period can be detected on numerous Levantine stamp seals dating to the Iron Age period

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