Mesopotamian Black Hardstone Cylinder Seal with Eagles and Geometric Motif


A finely engraved Mesopotamian black hardstone cylinder seal featuring a horizontal geometric design. The incisions display a medial ribbed wavy band and a tête-bêche pair of stylised eagles. They are depicted with sharp beaks, long feathers and out-splayed wings following the direction of the central curved band. The seal is perforated longitudinally for suspension and comes with a professionally baked, modern impression.

Date: Circa 4th-2nd Millennium BC
Provenance: Acquired 1980-2000s. Important collection of a London gentleman.
Condition: Fine condition. One edge chipped. The seal weighs 21.4g alone. Total weight with the impression is indicated below.


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Seals were often made of stone however there are also examples rendered in bone, ivory, faience, glass, metal, wood, and even sun-dried or baked clay. In the ancient world, seals guaranteed the authenticity of marked ownership – as such, they were instrumental in legal transactions, and in the protection of goods against theft. Stamp seals and cylinder seals were the predominant types in the ancient Near East while seal amulets with stylised animals have been found throughout Mesopotamia in contexts dating to the late fourth millennium BC.

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Weight 31.9 g
Dimensions W 1.7 x H 3.3 cm



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