Old Babylonian Clay Tablet

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A finely moulded Near Eastern, Old Babylonian complete clay tablet, featuring an iconic pillow-shaped form. It is written in cuneiform to both sides and the inscriptions on the tablet refer to administrative and legal affairs.

Date: Circa 1900-1700 BC
Condition: Fine condition, signs of minor cracks and chips remain visible to the surfaces. Surface section missing from the obverse - bottom, right corner. Some staining.

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Cuneiform writing was one of the earliest forms of writing, developed in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia. Babylonian society was a complex social structure and had a need, as we do today, to record such things as temple acquisitions, land transactions, financial loans, as well as their epic stories and personal letters. They would write these documents and letters on a wet clay tablet, which was then dried, retaining the inscriptions. Cuneiform is instantly recognisable by the wedge-shaped marks, usually pressed into clay tablets. Indeed, the name ‘cuneiform’ literally means “wedge-shaped”. The text would have been written using a blunt reed.

Weight 165.1 g
Dimensions W 5.3 x H 8.6 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For Similar period: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, item 11.217.14

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