Old Babylonian Haematite Cylinder Seal


A fine Old Babylonian cylinder seal produced from haematite. The scene features three figures, one possibly a fertility goddess with her hands clasped at her chest. To the left is a male figure, facing the opposite way, with his arm raised to his chest. Facing him is a robed figure with one hand also raised, displaying qualities of a worshiper. The cylinder seal is pierced vertically for suspension.

Date: Circa 1894–1595 BC
Condition: Very fine condition

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The Babylonian Empire thrived after the fall of the Sumerians starting with the Old Babylonian period 1894–1595 BC. It is difficult to say the exact origins as there is little economic and legal evidence to pinpoint the chronological order of the people. However, there are lists of the kings with the most major ruler being Hammurabi. He managed to have all of Mesopotamia under his reign and he provided the first code of laws. This included 282 rules to help conduct commercial interactions and restore all types of justice among the people.

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