Sassanian Agate Stamp Seal with an Incised Male Profile


A finely engraved white agate Sassanian stamp seal of an iconic oval shape, bearing a clearly expressed bearded male bust in profile facing left across the flat surface. His face contour and headdress are composed by confident, and yet simple incisions. His braided hair locks radiate from a hair band and the drapery of his clothes seen over his shoulders are depicted using a herringbone pattern. Vertical and horizontal incisions are visible to the left of the face The stone is perforated longitudinally for suspension.

The seal is accompanied with a museum-quality, baked modern impression.

Date: Circa 3rd - 5th Century BC
Provenance: Ex important Mayfair collection, 1970-1999
Condition: Very fine condition, sign of aging and erosion remain visible to the surface.

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Significant Sassanian inventions, including presenting zoomorphic and figural depictions in solo, marking an iconic Sassanian glyptic style was distinctively known during the 3rd-7th century AD. Presenting a male bust, bordered by a branch of greenery or a beaded border, in either a realistic manner or in an abstract form, have been widely considered as one of the most representative decorative patterns of typical Sassanian glyptic arts.

Weight 29.3 g
Dimensions W 2.4 x H 2.7 cm



Reference: For a similar male bust,The British Museum, item 1967,0220.285

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