Sassanian Black Stone Stamp Seal


A finely engraved black stone stamp seal, dating from the Sasanian Empire period. The seal features a domed shape and bears an engraving of a tribal symbol, with a central cross and symmetrical crescents along the arms of the cross. This seal is horizontally pierced, suggesting it might have been worn as a personal ornament by the owner.

Date: Circa 4th-6th century AD
Condition: Good condition, some indentations on the surface.


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Mesopotamia has been regarded as the cradle of ancient glyphic arts, with the earliest cylinder seals proven to have been firstly executed during the Bronze Age, circa 4th Millennium BC. Each following period in Ancient Mesopotamian history contributed in developing styles and techniques of glyphic arts. Zoomorphic, mythical creatures and religious scenes became one of the most favoured decorative repertoires applied on cylinder seals. The Sasanian Empire, also referred to as the Neo-Persian Empire by historians, rose from an Iranian power. After having succeeded over the Parthian Empire, it became the last Persian imperial dynasty and political power to rule in the region of the Near East and western Asia before the arrive of Islam.

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Dimensions L 2.1 x W 2.2 x H 1.5 cm


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