Brown and Coarse Coptic Square Panel


An exquisite squared panel with fine brown wool tapestry on coarse linen. This fragment displays a finely embroidered geometric decoration of a wavy design.

Date: 6th-10th century AD
Provenance: Property of a London W1 collector; formerly acquired between 1970 and the late 1999s.
Condition: Extremely fine condition, all the details of the interlacing are clearly visible.

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This kind of geometrical motif would have been very common in the Islamic reign of Egypt, which was conquered by the Arabs in 642 AD.

Coptic textiles, whose production began in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD in Egypt, were hand woven with unbleached linen warps and dyed wool wefts. This beautiful Coptic textile managed to survive thanks to the dry and hot desert climate.

Weight 22.8 g
Dimensions W 14 x H 15 cm




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