Coptic Textile Roundel with Floral Motif


A finely rendered Coptic roundel in coarse wool and linen, decorated with a motif of stylized tree branches, and with four embroidered dots in between the tree branches and to the centre. This strip was very likely part of a tunic, the most common garment in Coptic culture.

Date: 6th-10th century AD
Condition: Very fine condition, all the details of the interlacing are clearly visible.


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Coptic textiles, whose production began in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD in Egypt, were hand woven with unbleached linen warps and dyed wool wefts. This beautiful Coptic textile managed to survive thanks to the dry and hot desert climate.

This kind of stylized-geometrical motif would have been be very common in the Islamic reign of Egypt, which was conquered by the Arabs in 642 AD.

Weight 8.8 g
Dimensions W 11.5 x H 11 cm




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