Coptic Tunic Fragment with Animals

£ 230.00

A Coptic fragment with woollen tapestry decorations. The fragment is composed of a central band decorated with two medallions, each one framing the depiction of flowers and plants. The space in between the two medallions is further enriched by zoomorphic and floral decorations. The band is framed by a plain band a crenelated border, both embroidered in dark brown woollen threads. This decorative strip could have easily been part of a tunic as a decoration.

Date: Circa 4th-7th century AD
Condition: Fine condition.


Coptic textiles, whose production began in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD in Egypt, were hand woven with unbleached linen warps and dyed wool wefts. This beautiful Coptic textile managed to survive thanks to the dry and hot desert climate.

During the Early Coptic period (3rd – 4th centuries AD), the primary decorative themes were taken from nature and Classical mythology. By the Middle Coptic period (5th – 7th centuries AD), depictions included abstract natural elements and Christian symbolism, such as the one displayed on this beautiful piece.

Weight 12.6 g
Dimensions W 10 x H 18.5 cm




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