Polychromatic Flower Scroll Coptic Strip

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A brightly coloured Coptic strip fragment featuring a beautiful floral decoration. Large red floral scrolls are alternated with medallions with bi-coloured eight petals flower. A geometrical motif of squares fills the empty spaces.

Date: Circa 4th-6th century AD
Condition: Very fine. The colours are well preserved. Signs of aging on the surface.


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During the Early Coptic period (3rd – 4th centuries AD), the primary decorative themes were taken from nature and Classical mythology and were certainly also influenced by Roman iconology. By the Middle Coptic period (5th – 7th centuries AD), depictions included abstract natural elements and Christian symbolism.

Coptic textiles, whose production began in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD in Egypt, were hand woven with unbleached linen warps and dyed wool wefts. This beautiful Coptic textile managed to survive thanks to the dry and hot desert climate. This fragment was likely part of a tunic, the most common Coptic garment.

Weight 7.2 g
Dimensions L 21 x W 6.5 cm