A Selection of Roman Keys


A selection of bronze Roman keys.

Dimensions: 3 cm – 4.2 cm (L)

Date: 1st - 3rd century AD.
Period: Roman Empire
Condition: Excellent


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Keys and lock bolts account for the most common items of Roman security hardware to survive today. Keys were used mainly for doors, chests, boxes, caskets, cupboards, and padlocks, although they sometimes served ceremonial or decorative purposes, such as matron keys, jewellery items, and votive offerings.

Small and elegant ring keys such as these were a Roman innovation. Sometimes they depicted the door for which they were designed to unlock. Furthermore, keys were considered a status symbol because the owner implied that he had valuable assets to protect by wearing them.

Price is per each item. The picture is for reference, and the item’s appearance will vary depending on availability.

Weight 72 g