Ancient Egyptian Terracotta Hathor Amulet Mould


A large, ancient Egyptian, terracotta mould featuring a recessed impression of the goddess Hathor. The piece has a flattened, ovular form, into which a recess has been inscribed. The figure has a wide, plumed, headdress, which sits upon bovine ears. The tresses of her hair elegantly frame her face, as is typical in this representation of Hathor. Curling uraei can be seen on either side, flanking the goddess’ face.

Date: Circa 1550-1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Good Condition. The relief image is in excellent condition, with fine details still clearly visible. On the side and base of the mould are two large chips and some general errosion to the top. There are some fine cracks on the surface around the image


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Hathor was an ancient Egyptian goddess, usually depicted as a woman with the head, or ears of a cow. She is occasionally depicted as a cow. She was considered a primal goddess and the goddess of joy, music, feminine love and motherhood. On scarabs she is often associated with the sistrum and appears frontally with a headdress. In Egyptian iconography this is often seen as a tall striated element, whilst Canaanite depictions include additional plumage. It is also common to see uraei flanking her profile.

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Weight 31.2 g
Dimensions L 4.90 x W 4.00 x H 1.60 cm

Egyptian Mythology

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For similar: Liverpool World Museum, UK, item 1973.2.520a

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