Ancient Egyptian Terracotta Petal Amulet Mould

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An ancient Egyptian, terracotta, amulet mould with a petal shaped recess. The mould is flattened and ovular in form, with a convex back and rounded corners. A shallow recess is engraved into the flatter surface in the shape of a petal, with a gently pointing tip, curved sides, and three bands of linear detail at its top. The reverse is unworked but some very fine striations can be seen running over the surface. The ceramic is deep orange in colour with areas of brown and black.

Date: Circa 1550-1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Excellent Condition. The piece is fully inact and the details of the recessed engraving are clearly visible. There is some degredation on the back surface and small scratches consistent with age.


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From the New Kingdom, the introduction of the mould created a ‘mass-market’ production of amulets and pendants. Moulds such as this would have been used to create a large quantity of amulets in an efficient manner. A large number of moulds were found at the site of Amarna, implying that this was a centre for production. Petal amulets were used extensively in the creation of broad collar necklaces, in a variety of faience colours.

To find out more about Ancient Egyptian amulets please see our relevant blog post: Egyptian Amulets and their Meanings.

Weight 8.6 g
Dimensions L 3.10 x W 2.60 x H 1.10 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For a similar item,The Metropolitan Museum of Art, item 11.215.701

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