Bronze Age European Nail

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A hollow cast nail from the European Bronze Age, made from a single rode of bronze. The specimen features a slightly flaring and folded head and a rectangular section. The entire surface of the nail is covered with a smooth bright green patination.

Date: Circa 3200-600 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Condition: Very fine condition. Beautiful green patination.


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In the Early Bronze Age, regardless of where they were located, the vast majority of Bronze Age settlements were small farming villages made up of closely related families and the artistic production of most communities was limited to simple, practical items, such as tools, utensils and simple ceramics, where it existed at all. The shape and the size of the nail indicate that it was probably used for flooring and woodwork. During the European Bronze Age technologies rapidly developed: the manufacture of tools and weapons increased and specialised equipment for shaving, woodworking and metalworking was created.

Weight 97.3 g
Dimensions L 10.9 x W 1.5 cm



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