Flint Scrapers


Flint shards come in all variations of shapes and sizes, some called ‘thumbnail’ or ‘button’ scrapers, due to their rounded appearance. We recommend handling with care due to the sharp edges of the stones.

Size: 3.5- 5.5 cm (L).

Shape and colour might vary from item to item. Price is per 2 pieces.

Picture is for reference, and item types are subject to availability.

Date: 4,000 - 2,000 BC
Period: Jurassic era
Condition: Excellent

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In the ages which preceded development of metal tools, the sharpest object available to man was a piece of stone. Flints were the most common tools produced before the Iron Age across England. They were obtained by scraping two rocks together, breaking the flint into small and extremely sharp little pieces. With these small and simple flint tools, our ancestors were able to work leather, wood, and bark. These objects are extremely fascinating because they lay at the foundation of human civilization, and represent a fundamental step in human development and ingenuity, testifying to the ability to exploit nature for the production of tools and technological advancement.

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Reference: For a similar item The Science Museum, London, item 1925-764/1