Egyptian Senet Game Pieces

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A set of Egyptian spool-shaped alabaster game pieces. They are of different sizes and have flared oval ends, likely belonging to an ancient board game named Senet.

Dimensions of each piece from large to small (diameter): 3cm, 2.2cm, 1.8cm.

Date: Circa 1550-1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom
Provenance: From an early 20th century English collection.
Condition: Fine condition.


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Senet (or Senat) is one of the most ancient board games from Egypt, and was written as ‘zn.t n.t ḥˁb’, meaning ‘game of passing’. The Senet board consisted of a grid of thirty squares arranged in three rows of ten, though the details of the original rules are unclear. Extant tomb paintings and graffiti depict people playing Senet, which suggests that this board game dates back at least as far as the Old Kingdom.

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