Roman Carved Bone Doll


A rare Ancient Roman doll carved from a single piece of bone. The figurine features a small face; an elongated body, which is pierced in the lower part; and a flat unworked reverse. The figurine is finely carved, especially in the facial features and in the hair. The naturalistic appearance of the dress’ folds has been created by a series of carved lines. The doll’s arms (both of which have been lost), were originally attached separately. Many Roman dolls exhibit articulation of the limbs in varying degrees, allowing both for manipulation and imaginative play.

Date: Circa 3rd Century AD
Condition: Fine condition; some signs of ageing on the surface; both arms and one foot are now lost.


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Remains of dolls constitute one of the largest bodies of evidence for toys and games to survive from ancient Roman antiquity. In Ancient Rome, as in Greece, dolls were made of clay, cloth, bone, and ivory, and were probably painted to look life-like. The favoured material for dolls of the late Empire was bone, though these dolls were usually simpler in their design.



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