Han Dynasty Frog Clay Paperweight

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A finely modelled Han Dynasty moulded clay paperweight in the shape of a naturalistically rendered frog, shown recumbent. The paperweight’s surface displays traces of the original white slip.

Date: Circa 206 BC- 220 AD
Period: Han Dynasty
Condition: Fine, with traces of the original white slip.

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The invention of paper has been attributed to the Han Dynasty, supposedly realised by a court official and presented to the emperor. Paper had major impact on the dissemination of Han literary and artistic culture. Zoomorphic paperweights made in clay, stone and bronze were abundantly produced in the Han Dynasty, as important study tools used by ancient Chinese scholars.

The frog was considered a sign of prosperity and of successful business dealings. Within Chinese mythology, the frog is considered to be one of the five noxious creatures, those considered poisonous and harmful, together with geckos; scorpions; snakes and centipedes. In folklore tales, a toad was also said to be the companion of Liú Hǎi, the god of wealth, and because of this association it often symbolised a wish for riches.

Weight 387 g
Dimensions L 15.6 x H 3.8 cm


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